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Product offering while reducing CPA

The epitome of advanced skincare. Cutting-edge innovation of Calecim's professional-grade products, harnessing the power of science and nature for transformative results.
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Company size
10-50 employees
Services we provided
• Email marketing
• Paid social
• Creative strategy
The client
The experts' choice of skin and hair care. Reviews from doctors,
medical aestheticians and skin influencers from around the world
The challenge
They hit a ceiling in their advertising. They couldn’t scale past the 100/200k range of MR. They brought us on to help fix the issues and profitably scale them to half a mil MR

• Improve the ROAS and
• Improve CRO of the page
• Scale spend
• Introduce new products

All while producing and delivering net new creatives.
The solution
The first few days we did an audit of what worked and which stages of the funnel need to be improved first. Created and connected with influencers to provide brand new content and ads we could use for rapid testing.

We implemented a system for:

• Testing new products
• Testing new ads
• Testing new landing pages and demo

Overall goal was breaking even on nCPA and being profitable on Facebook and making the difference on the backend with Google and email primarily. The results were first 10k of daily spend and increasing ROAS by 20%.

Concept optimization: With each unique ad, AdsBrokers tested multiple hooks (first seconds of the video) to identify winning formulas that stop the scroll & optimize conversions.

Iteration process:

• Define unique selling propositions and target personas.
• Cast creators and create content that aligns with our strategy.
• Analyze, test, and optimize our creatives.
• Brainstorm new ideas with our top creators
• Scale horizontally to other vertical video platforms (Snapchat, Instagram and Youtube).

Some deliverables

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