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Biggest launch ever

Baddie Ville
Trendy and edgy fashion collection with bold and empowering designs.
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California, United States
Woman clothing
Company size
10-50 employees
Services we provided
• Paid social
• Creative strategy
The client
Baddie Ville is an Instagram brand that sells fashion clothes for daring and “sexy” women. They rely heavily on organic traffic from Instagram and Facebook to achieve website traffic.
The challenge
They came to us because they saw potential in paid advertising and email so they could expand their revenue further. Before advertising, they achieved around 200k per month on organic marketing only!

Our goals:

• Retarget the organic visitors/fans with paid ads and email
• Bring new cold customers to the brand with no previous interactions
• Improve LTV and Returning customer rate
• Improve the ROAS and
• Improve CRO of the page
• Scale spend
• Introduce new products
The solution
We created multiple personas and marketings angles according to them. We had some info on historical performance and a strong organic presence which we took a hold of
The first few days we did an audit of what worked and the creative strategy for it. Compiled a list of top PDP and used it strategically across ad account. We a also launched with a very broad range of concepts. “A wide net” so we would quickly identify the winners. We brought here revenue from 200k months to 1.5 mil months in 1 year!

Some deliverables

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